The Pathfinders programme challenges the assumptions that learning has to be difficult, and education has to be something that’s done with textbooks in a classroom.


At IFI, we place a strong emphasis on action over intention, so through this summer course, students will not just learn the design thinking tools and techniques to start their business, but will go from imagining their idea to having actually served their first customers/clients within 8 weeks.


Our mission is to nurture students’ natural curiosity, give them the opportunity and support to discover their strengths, and create a community of passionate young people with the drive and skills to make real social impact.

The programme has been designed to support students through the process of building their business, but also allow them enough independence to make mistakes in a safe environment where they can learn from them.


We will provide coaching based on world-renowned Design Thinking principles and our signature ‘Heart, Head, Hand’ model every Sunday, along with key frameworks and techniques throughout the week, supporting students to create a business that is truly their own.


Parents will receive weekly progress reports which will map out their child’s learning throughout the programme, as well as a summary of all the tools, techniques and concepts covered by the coaches and activities carried out by the students each week.


Through starting their own businesses, students will learn the Design Thinking process of Empathising with their customers, defining the problem/market gap they are tackling, ideating to figure out the solution they aim to offer, prototyping their solution, testing their solution, repeating this cycle in order to refine their product/service, and then finally implementing it.


Students need not have an idea in mind before starting the programme. We are looking for passionate change makers who are ready to make real impact! If this sounds like you, register your interest using the form below, and our team will get in touch with you soon.

Programme Structure